Por una Guatemala más humana

Gracias a todas las personas que confían en que es posible construir un mundo más humano con pequeñas pero poderosas acciones diarias.

What we do?

Creamos oportunidades para que bebés, niños, niñas y jóvenes con sordoceguera y discapacidad múltiple puedan desarrollar su potencial y ocupar el lugar que por derecho les corresponde como miembros activos de la sociedad.


Education is for everyone

Por medio de sus diversos programas de educación, inclusión y terápias FUNDAL brinda ayuda especializada para estudiantes con sordoceguera o discapacidad múltiple de cero a veinte años.

If you close your eyes and cover your ears for just a moment, you will discover a reality different from the one you know…

How would you communicate with others?
What would your learning be like?

People with deafblindness live this reality every day and require professional services and specialized methods, not only for their education, but to be integrated and included in their communities.

In Guatemala, many of these children receive none of the support that they need. They are completely marginalized, without the opportunity to interact with the world around them. Their arrival into a family often represents additional hardships, often due to ignorance, lack of resources, and/or misinformation.


Through barrier-free communication that fosters a strong sense of community.


For a society that respects human rights and promotes inclusion


Each student and their family to positively impact their community.


To be a bridge towards inclusion.


Create a more humane world full of opportunities and free from exclusion.

Fundal Programs


Educational Center

While education is a basic human right, there are millions of children with disabilities in the world who do not have access to high-quality education.

Social inclusion

FUNDAL has been part of the “Education for All” movement, putting together a team of highly-trained teachers who visit and support public institutions, educational establishments, and private homes nationwide,

Supporting programs

Both for students who attend FUNDAL and for those who attend other public or private schools, we have supporting programs available in Guatemala City, Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango.

Have you thought about how you would communicate or learn if you couldn't see or hear?

By contributing to Fundal you help improve the reality of children with deafblindness whorequire specialized services and methods of education.

Our inspiration

FUNDAL was inspired by Alex, a boy who stole our hearts when we met him at 4 years old. He came to complete our family and give us purpose. Alex cannot see, he cannot hear, and he cannot speak, but the most important trait of his is that he is a happy person.

Guatemala City Center

+502 24917878


1a Calle 0-20 Zona 1 de Mixco, Guatemala

Huehuetenango Center

+502 77643080


Colonia Los Encinos, zona 5 Huehuetenango

Quetzaltenango Center

+502 79268544


Diagonal 15, 7-39 Adicional zona 5, Quetzaltenango

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