Social inclusion

The “Education for All” movement is based on the belief that, with the right will and resources, public policy can bring about a radical change in education systems and promote inclusion.


FUNDAL joined this movement in the year 2000 by forming a team of itinerant teachers who visit and accompany institutions, educational establishments and homes at the national level, and who train teachers and professionals both locally and internationally.


Community Inclusion: FUNDAL teachers work in coordination with the responsible staff and/or family members to guide, train and provide services to children with deafblindness and/or multiple disabilities.


Educational Inclusion: All children benefit from growing up, sharing, and studying together in regular educational programs. FUNDAL teachers provide orientation, training and guidance to parents, students with and without disabilities, and the educational community to promote successful educational inclusion.


Work Inclusion: We guide students in the process of work inclusion and the entrepreneurship process for graduates of FUNDAL programs. We work hard to build bridges for young people with disabilities, through alliances with international foundations and with socially responsible companies.


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