Both for students who attend FUNDAL and for those who attend public or private schools, we have complementary programs available in Guatemala City, Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango.


Communication Therapy: We use multimodal communication that allows each student to connect with others through alternative communication systems (Braille, sign language, visuals, technology, calendar boxes, referent objects, spoken language, etc.)


Sign Language Courses: Qualified instructors offer classes to FUNDAL’s internal educational community and to the external public.

*Physiotherapy: Allows the development of motor skills essential for development and learning.


Occupational Therapy: Supports the development of independent living skills, work, study, sports, play and free time.

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Occupational Therapy: Supports the development of independent living skills, work, study, sports, play and free time.



Sensory Integration: A service aimed at students who need help with processing and organizing stimuli from their environment. It includes the use of our fully equipped sensory integration rooms and the implementation of sensory diets.


Orientation and Mobility: Students learn to move around safely, using techniques created for people with visual impairments. This includes the use of a cane, movement using mind maps, reference points, location of utensils when eating or cooking, getting around in the city, use of self-protection techniques, sighted guide technique or interpreter guide.



Adaptive Technology: Used to complement the teaching-learning process, with specific software for the population with disabilities. Includes the use of computers, tablets, and cell phones.



Adapted Designs: A carpentry space where corrugated cardboard and other supplies are recycled and used to make furniture, adaptations for postures, and communication systems that are customized for the specific needs of each students. They provide the same function as the products available for purchase, but at a much more accessible cost.



Psychology: Especially for parents, guardians or assistants of students who attend FUNDAL. Includes individual therapy, group therapy, parenting classes, and special activities.


Social Work: Each student and their family are provided with the necessary support for a successful habilitation and rehabilitation process. 

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